Men n Lace

Arabesque in contemporary lace
Men have been connected with the lace over the centuries mainly as designers and traders. One only needs to think of Thomas Lester and his associated lace patterns. Emil Hannover helped promote interest in Tønder lace especially through his book Tønderske Kniplinger.

Today male lace makers are a thriving, eclectic bunch of young and old enthusiasts who are proud to be known as lace makers as well as designers of both traditional and contemporary lace. When I was designing my website I was determined to use it to highlight that men make lace. This decision has brought me great rewards as it has introduced me to a worldwide community of fellow lace enthusiasts. The advent of Social Media such as Twitter and Facebook has also promoted 'Men making Lace'. If you are on Facebook you can a number of men who make lace including: Igor Beros, Emauele Bonaglia. Pablo Cocconi, Priit Hallberg and Tarmo Thorström.

Here are some websites of male lacemakers:

Arne and Aage Emanuele Bonaglia   Francis Busschaert      Ben Fikkert    Mark Myers Tarmo Thorström

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