Bedfordshire Lace

Edinburgh Lace Course
I learnt to make lace by attending the Edinburgh Lace Course. My tutor was the inspirational Kathy Corbett.
Bedfordshire Lace Handkercief Edging
She kindly took me through the basics of Torchon then introduced me to Bedfordshire Lace. This introduced to the béte noir of many a lacemaker the infamous tally or leaf. Once you have done the odd hundred or so they don't appear to be so daunting……. Bedfordshire Lace is referred to as a 'guipure lace' from the East Midlands of England. Unlike Tønder Lace the motifs are supported by plaits and not a point ground net. It is said to have similarities with Maltese Lace. Similar to Torchon, Bucks point, Tønder, Binche it is a made in continuous lengths.

Bedfordshire Lace
To find out more about this lovely 'guipure' lace Barbara Underwood's book is regarded as a classic title on the subject:

Traditional Bedfordshire Lace: Technique and Patterns by Barbara Underwood. Ruth Bean Publishers 0903585243
A Bedfordshire Lace Collection chosen by Barbara Underwood with pickings and notes. Ruth Bean Publishers 0903585286
Bedfordshire Lace Patterns: A personal selection by Margaret Turner. Ruth Bean Publishers 0903585219
An Introduction to Bedfordshire Lace by Jean Leader. Lace Guild Publications 1901372162